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Why Is YouTube Not Working on Chrome As said above, watching videos on YouTube in Chrome might lead you to encounter some Google Chrome YouTube problems, such as: YouTube is not working in Chrome Mac could be because the Chrome browser is outdated. If not, then cache and cookies problems on Chrome could be causing the videos not to play. Chrome isn't working on my Mac | Tom's Guide Forum Nov 26, 2015 Welcome to the Every Google Chrome Not Working On Mac Catalina

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MAC. Select Chrome from the Apple/System bar at the top of the screen. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu. In the left-hand column, I moved to a different Mac and am now running mojave [10.14.6]. I've recently been forced to again use chrome and again the 1P extension is not working. I have the 1P symbol on the menu bar but no love [see attached]. Open Chrome Settings, click on the left menu and select About Chrome. Chrome will automatically start looking, downloading, and installing the latest version if available. There is a quite similar approach for updating Chrome on MAC and Android. Mar 31, 2012 · yes i tried Chromium, Beta Chrome and even the 1st version of chrome for mac all the same results and uninstalling and re installing did noting even making a new user profile suggest by google did not work. I have grown customed to Chromium as that is what i use on Linux simply because it is in the software list of Ubuntu. Oct 08, 2013 · All day today when doing search functions via the search bar in Chrome has been completely not working for me. If I put in a search term it does return that one search but if I try to click on that or open a new window or use the Images, Videos, News, etc. link it does nothing at all. Also