I noticed that when I try to play a YouTube video, like a 5-minute video, it buffers EXTREMELY slow, like it takes nearly 30 freaking minutes to load a 5-minute video, filling the player bar all

For about 5 months now I am having a problem with watching YouTube video's in Chrome. Either right at the start, after 3 seconds, or sometimes 10 minutes in, YouTube stops loading the video. When watching YT videos in Edge they load instantly and there is no buffering whatsoever, which means my internet connection is not the problem. HELP Windows 10 Slow Can't Even Watch Youtube - Ten Forums Mar 29, 2016 Slow Internet and Youtube Slow/Buffering? - Fido Re: Slow Internet and Youtube Slow/Buffering? Yes, I do constant speed tests that show the line is puling in speeds actually above the 75Mbps at all hours of the day. As an exmaple, right now as I’m posting this, I’m watching a 2.27 min 4K youtube video, and it ran at 1080p for the entire length of the video. Google Chrome is Very Slow: How I Fixed it! (5+ Methods Added) May 27, 2020

Jul 16, 2018

How to Get Your Streaming Video to Stop Buffering So Darn Much

I love the TV but the constant LOADING message when watching Youtube videos is very frustrating. I haven't tried monkeying with DNS settings yet. I also noticed my TV was starting to slow down Sep 22, 2015 · To manually adjust your buffering settings, you need to access the super-secret hidden menu. To get there, start watching a show or movie on Netflix, then do this: Hold down Shift + Ctrl + Option + S So when YouTube videos begin buffering, you can try to settle the issue by easily restart the device. This will help to turn off all the background software and refresh the device. After rebooting the device, you can launch the YouTube App again and check whether you are able to open and play a YouTube video successfully. If you’re playing online games, downloading or uploading large files while trying to watch a show, this streaming of heavy data could cause buffering. Test your internet connection speed. At busy times, some internet service providers may deliberately slow down your connection. Oct 07, 2019 · A poor Internet connection is the most common cause of a streaming or slow buffering problem when you try to play high quality videos online. For example, to watch HDTV on YouTube, you need an Internet connection of at least 1+ Mbps for streaming. Other smaller online video clips can be easily viewed at an Internet speed of at least 500 Kbps.