How to Copy Files and Directories in Linux {With Examples}

How to use mkdir command to create a directory in Linux Apr 09, 2020 How to manage directories in Linux using the command line Create directory We use ‘mkdir’ (make directory) command to create new directories. If you simply run the mkdir command followed by the name of the new directory, the folder will be created in Create a new directory in Unix - Knowledge Base

Dec 12, 2019

Jul 12, 2011 How to Create a File in Linux - Jul 17, 2018 How to Create a Directory in Linux Operating System

How to Create Directories in Linux (mkdir Command) | Linuxize

Create and extract a .tar.gz archive using command line To create a tar.gz archive from a given folder you can use the following command. tar -zcvf tar-archive-name.tar.gz source-folder-name. To extract a tar.gz compressed archive you can use the following command. tar -zxvf tar-archive-name.tar.gz. To Preserve permissions. Switch the ‘c’ flag to an ‘x’ to extract