Aug 09, 2013 · Lavabit, which is believed to have been used by Snowden and which claimed to have 350,000 customers, closed after apparently rejecting a US government court order to cooperate in surveillance on

Encrypted email service Lavabit rises from the dead to Mar 03, 2016 Lavabit, Silent Circle Shut Down: Crypto In Spotlight Aug 09, 2013 /g/ - LavaBit or Protonmail for secure email - Technology LavaBit or Protonmail for secure email - "/g/ - Technology" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing computer hardware and software, programming, and general technology.

Lavabit LLC was founded in 2004 on the principle that users have the inalienable right to private and secure communication. Lavabit suspended its service in 2013 to protect global customers after

Lavabit's encrypted storage feature was designed solely to protect e-mails at rest." But the real issue isn't whether Marlinspike assumed such things. It's whether Lavabit's users -- previous Lavabit And Silent Circle Join Forces To Make All Email Oct 30, 2013 Lavabit opens for 72 hours after its recent shutdown Blog

Snowden's preferred email provider, Lavabit, has been

Developed by Lavabit, DIME is an open source secure end-to-end communications platform for asynchronous messaging across the Internet. DIME follows in the footsteps of innovative email protocols, but takes advantage of the lessons learned during the 20 … Fate of Lavabit appeal has 'Wide-ranging implications' for Lawyers for Lavabit, a recently-shuttered email service once used by Edward Snowden, told a federal appeals court this week that the government had no reason to request from the company a code that could unlock the encrypted messages of its 410,000 users. ACLU: Government ‘fundamentally destroyed’ secure email