Mar 17, 2020

How to “Hide” Contacts on the iPhone for Greater Privacy May 12, 2016 4 Ways to Make a Hidden Camera - wikiHow Sep 24, 2019

Hide the Messages app entirely using a third-party app There was a time when it was possible to install a third-party app on Android phones that could hide individual text messages, but don't

How to Hide Contacts on Your iPhone - Techbout Hide All Contacts on iPhone. In case you do not want to go through the hassle of creating a new hidden group, you can hide all Contacts on your iPhone from displaying in the Contacts app. 1. Open Contacts app. 2. Tap on Groups from the top left Corner. 3. Now tap on Hide … How to “Hide” Contacts on the iPhone for Greater Privacy

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Hence, this is the simple and easy method to hide phone calls on your iPhone device. How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone? See Also: How to Block a Mobile Number on iPhone. Method 1: Hide notifications by using iOS 7. This is the first method; help you to hide your text messages on the iPhone device. To start this process, go to the settings