Shift+Delete. Generally, Shift+Delete deletes those auto-fill options that drop down under text-entry fields. > How do I delete (old) suggested emails while logging to a mail/site in Google Chrome?

Sep 03, 2013 · Embedding Google Documents in a Google Site ; Embed a Google Hangout on Air on your Google Site ; 4 Easy Steps: Create Custom Visual Navigation on a Google Site ; Google Sites: Create a Click Here Button in 5 Easy Steps Jul 09, 2009 · How to Delete a Google Sites Website. Demo by Jan 02, 2019 · First, log into your Google Analytics profileand select the website you’d like to remove from your Analytics account. Then click Adminin the left taskbar. Now you’ll see the Administrationpage. In the Administration page, you can remove an account, property or view according to your needs. Delete Images or Attachments - Recover Space - classic Google Sites How to add the Facebook Like Button Gadget to your Google Site. This gadget can auto-detect the page's URL so you don't need to add it, so you can add to a page template and it will work without further configuration.

Google Chrome. Click the three-barred icon next to the browser address bar. Then select "Settings." Click the "Clear Browsing Data" button to remove all of the sites you've visited, including your most-visited ones.

Working with Google Sites "Move" your site to iCON. Check site storage. View, replace, move, rename, download or delete attachments. Change site permission.

1. Once you assign a name and create a site, the site name cannot be officially changed, but you can change the name that appears to the public by purchasing a domain name and assigning it to Sites. 2. Deleting a Site is permanent and cannot be undone. And, once a site name has been used it cannot be used again by anyone.