Port Forwarding Doesn't Work if IP Cam on Wifi

How do I check if my DDNS address is working correctly If the IP addresses match then your DDNS is working correctly. If the IP addresses do not match then your DDNS is not working correctly. If your DDNS address is not working correctly it is now recommended to raise a Technical Support Request and a member of the LILIN Technical Support Team will contact you as soon as possible. Foscam Wireless Not Working - James Maurer Foscam Wireless Not Working I recently purchased two Foscam wireless network cameras (fi8918w) and had problems getting the wireless working until I came up with this easy solution. The solution is in the type of wireless security you have configured which I’ll explain further down the page. Fixing a Bricked Foscam FI9821W - Less Than $6 : 13 Steps Fixing a Bricked Foscam FI9821W - Less Than $6: If you have a Foscam FI9821W that failed after you attempted to update the firmware, then you've come to the right place. Mine died a few months back and I finally got around to fixing it, but discovered that the resources were scattered all over Configure Foscam FI8910W network Camera to upload image


Which Foscam camera support P2P? The model name with P in the end support P2P, such as FI9815P, FI9816P, FI9821P, FI9826P, FI9828P, FI9831P, FI9851P, FI9853EP, FI9903P. FosBaby series camera support P2P. Now, all of new Foscam cameras support P2P by default, you can check the camera information page on the online sales website. Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

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Foscam FI9831P timeout on connecting via Internet using Jul 09, 2018