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Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Apps in China - WeChat. Having been installed with almost every Chinese smartphone, WeChat is the undisputed … Foreigners in China: Get the VIP Internet Service from Foreigners in China: Get the VIP Internet Service from China Telecom to Improve Access to Foreign Websites. That office is at 500 Jiangsu Road, close Yan An Road. It’s inside an electronic store on the second floor. Right next to the escalator is a round desk with an English speaking young man working there, and he was great.

Nowadays a great share of goods that we buy – electronics, clothing, home and garden items and many more, are produced in China. There is a wide range of China shopping websites that sell a massive assortment of goods without recurring to mediators, and thus offering lower prices.

What You Need to Know About Using the Internet in China Jul 11, 2016

May 07, 2019

China wants a shiny new internet -- and you may like what the country has in mind. Its plan promises a network fast enough to show you as a live hologram in a video chat, secure enough to block Chinese Internet Law: What the West Doesn’t See