Follow these guides: so you can learn the basics on how to use AutoInput, then go here to check out all the guides on AutoInput, so that you can learn how to do everything in the presentation video.. Portrait Mode Home Screen Shortcut Open YouTube in subscriptions screen and start casting

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Snackbar Tasker Plugin 11.5 APK Download by Nick Nack This Tasker Plugin has been made to allow a user-configurable snackbar or material design bottom sheet to be shown anywhere through tasker. The snackbar plugin shows a completely configurable and very fluid snackbar or bottom sheet at any time.

AutoInput . Make all your apps better! Automate clicks and write text on other apps. Get text from other apps too! Read more »

UITCON – Spreadsheet Tasker Plugin Spreadsheet Tasker Plugin is an Android plugin for updating and querying Google Spreadsheets from the Tasker app.This enables you to collect and push data to Google Spreadsheets from your Android device. Likewise you can query data from and existing spreadsheet and have your phone act accordingly. How to Use AutoTools with Tasker (Guide) | Beebom Aug 02, 2017 Tasker - Android app on AppBrain