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The answer appears on all panelists' and attendees' Q & A panels. The Q next to the question changes from orange to blue so that you can easily see which questions have been answered. If a question has been answered verbally, you can send a standard response: This question has been answered verbally. These Questions and answers will help you crack the networking interviews in the first attempt. Define Network? Network in general terms means a group of devices, connected with the help of some media in order to share some resources from a source to a destination and networking is a process of sharing the resources. Question: 4 What is VPN?: Answer : A VPN is a service that offers secure, reliable connectivity over a shared public network infrastructure such as the Internet. VPNs maintain the same security and management policies as a private network. Checkpoint Interview Questions And Answers. What is Asymmetric Encryption. In Asymmetric Encryption there is two different key used for encrypt and decrypt to packet. Means that one key used for Encrypt packet, and second key used to for decrypt packet. Same key can not encrypt and decrypt. How Checkpoint Component communicate and Sync with

What are some of the tough questions to pose to VPN product vendors? Many vendors claim to be IPSEC-compliant. The real requirement should be "list the other products with which you can communicate" Also, a customer should want to know how automatic the key exchange mechanism is? In a perfect world — in an IPSEC world — it would be automatic.

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TechTudo has now separated five questions and answers about how it works and how to use VPN on mobile phones. How VPN works on mobile One of the advantages of using VPN on the cell phone is to ensure the security of your data, for example, when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, which can expose the cell phone to hackers and malware.

10 Most Common VPN Questions Answered - Best 10 VPN Reviews What is a VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network. A virtual tunnel encrypts and masks your IP …